It can be tempting to have a large wedding, attended by everyone you know with a lavish reception and week long celebration. But many people admit planning and hosting a smaller wedding kept them sane during the planning process and allowed them to truly enjoy their wedding in a way they never could have with a large party. Here are some of the most common reasons planning a small wedding is best.

I do- Maine Barn Wedding

1. Feel the love

When you plan a small wedding you get to spend more time with the people you love. This is the biggest reason most people keep the head count low at their wedding. Surround yourselves with your closest family and friends and this will undoubtedly be the best day of your lives.

2. You won’t be stressed

Many people feel like they have to be on their best behavior on their wedding day to impress not only new family members, but bosses, co-workers and other VIP’s that have been invited. With a small crowd of your family and friends you will be able to relax, let loose and be yourselves.

3.  More reception options

When you are planning a small wedding there is a variety of options for catered dinners, buffets, seating configurations, dessert options etc. When your invite list grows your caterer and other vendors will have major restrictions on what you can do so they can easily manage the large crowd. You will have to follow certain formulas for space and will feel more cramped in the barn, tents and during the ceremony.

4. You can splurge

A small wedding isn’t just for people with a smaller budget. With a small wedding, each dollar can be stretched further. You can splurge on a great band, an open bar, gorgeous decorations and flowers, a dress you adore and put money into each detail. By saving on costs for food, beverages and space you can reinvest in making the wedding a true experience for all of your guests.

5. You can get creative

It is much easier to make 45 DIY favors than 200. With a smaller guest list you can create intimate touches that are special and memorable. Make your own cupcakes, create a real experience for your bridesmaids, create a custom cocktail. These are details that are much more manageable in small quantities.