Maine Barn Wedding

Planning and organizing your wedding can take time and energy. Trying to recreate everything you’ve seen on Pinterest to DIY each detail of your wedding is unrealistic. Having some crafty skills can save money, but be conscious of what you are capable of doing in the time you have set aside to plan your wedding. The best way to do this is to prioritize your to-do’s and carefully manage your budget. Choose the tasks that you can easily manage and set time aside to do them yourself. Also, ask for help from professionals who can save you hours of time and relieve you of unnecessary stress.

Here are our suggestions for what to do yourself, and what projects are best left to the professionals.

 3 Things to DIY


One of the largest costs associated with your reception are paying for a DJ or band to play your wedding. If you want a really fun dance party and know the style of music that will get your friends and family on the dance floor this is a cost that is easily replaced by modern technology. Prepare a long list of songs you love and lay them out according to how you want your reception to flow. Consider when you want to have the Father/Daughter and First Dances, and then create your perfect playlist from there. Get suggestions from friends and you’ll guarantee they will enjoy the night.

Invitations and Escort Cards

Although printed invitations are still the expectation for wedding invitations and save-the-dates, if you are hosting a very intimate wedding and are close friends with everyone you’re inviting consider an alternative with a e-vite. There are hundreds of beautiful templates and this will save you time and a surprising amount of money. For those who want a traditional printed invitation to go out, consider designing it yourself and personalizing it with a detail that will be at the wedding. Add a touch of lace or image of the flowers that you’ve chosen. People will be more excited about seeing you happy and married and will never notice that you didn’t opt for gold embossed printing.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers are one of the highest wedding costs. It is possible to create a simple and rustic bouquet from flowers you find at the local florist shop or grocery store. Choose your flowers ahead of time and make sure they are easy to find and available during the time of your wedding. Add to the arrangements with local flowers from our property or from the flower farm stand down the road. Consider doing arrangements for the centerpieces on your own and bringing in a professional to make your bridal bouquet since it will be featured in photography and you don’t want to run the risk of it falling apart. The bouquet itself should be easy to create and doing the larger arrangements yourself will save you quite a bit of money.

3 Things To Leave To The Pros

Planner / Coordinator

We understand that you are a talented and organized person, and that dozens of people have offered to help you on your big day. But having a professional wedding expert help you will save you more time and money than anything else. Whether you decide to have a planner help coordinate projects leading up to the wedding, or just a day of coordinator to manage the flow of the event, this is something we suggest investing in. Consider going outside your circle of family and friends to find someone who won’t be easily distracted by catching up with old friends or family drama. Find a professional who will dedicate their energy to ensuring that your wedding goes as smoothly as your silk dress.


Everyone is a photographer now. Great cameras are easy to buy and technology makes everyone feel like they have the skills to take professional style photos. But professional wedding photographers go far beyond simply snapping nice photos of your wedding party. They need to know how weddings work, where to be and when, they need to anticipate every moment that you will want to remember and do their best to, in that moment, capture the best light, capture the emotion, make you look beautiful and all while never getting in the way of the guests and couples wedding experience. We’ve seen DIY photographers ruin too many great wedding moments, take our advice and hire someone with not only a great portfolio, but extensive experience in wedding photography. It will be worth it.


Many DIY style weddings opt for DIY food options and we recommend if there is a little flexibility to your budget, invest in great food. Your guests will have more fun and you will have the energy you need, if everyone is properly fed.  A caterer will know what sorts of foods are appropriate for which sorts of events, what time to serve different courses, how to combine you and your partner’s different tastes, how to accommodate guests with dietary needs or restrictions, and how to cook on a large scale for an event with many guests. These are important issues and although you might be able to handle preparing food, there is no way to manage this process and truly enjoy your wedding care-free.