Every bride knows the adage, and it’s one tradition it seems almost everyone tries to abide by, even in the most modern of weddings. These days, however, brides are more creative than ever before, which can sometimes mean throwing tradition to the wind!  In this four-part series, we’ll introduce you to some of the more creative ways we’ve seen brides incorporate each “something” to their wedding-day ensemble.

In part two of this four-part series, we’re moving on to our “something new”: This part of the poem is meant to symbolize optimism for the future. Traditionally brides regarded their new wedding dress or a new piece of jewelry. Today, brides will use anything from their undergarments to a charm in their bouquet, and even their new initials sewn into the wedding gown or onto a “getting ready” shirt as their “something new”.

something new barn wedding tradition

Claridge and King, Liberty in Love, Etsy – Palomas Nest, Etsy – Twisted Token

Part 3 >>> Something Borrowed