Maine lobsters at Hardy Farm

There probably isn’t a more authentic Maine feast than the traditional Maine lobster bake! A feast of clams, lobsters, corn on the cob, and potatoes is a fun full-day affair and great way to feed and impress a crowd!

We have hosted quite a few lobster bakes for rehearsal dinners, weddings, and events at Hardy Farm and the Maine Boathouse and thought we would share some tips with you!

Who is doing the cooking?

There are two major routes to a lobster bake – do it yourself or hire a caterer. 

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, plan on an all-day affair and have a plan. We like this plan from Downeast Magazine on how to prepare the food for your lobster bake.

If you want to skip the dirty work, you should look into a caterer. We have worked with Wotton’s Warf (also the caterer in the photos for this post) a few times and they were great. Fosters, Finest Kind (featured on the Food Network with Bobby Flay), and The Maine Lobsterbake Co. also have a lot of experience in the area.

traditional maine lobster bake

Sides to Go The Extra Mile

Besides the bake, plan on a few extras to fill out the meal. We have seen plenty of people add oysters, chowder, and rolls to their lobster bake fare. 

Don’t forget about dessert! A classic Maine Blueberry crumb cake of Blueberry pie should do the trick!

Also think about what drinks you would like to serve at your lobster bake, we recommend something light from one of the local Maine breweries. If you want to pair with wine, find something that will pair nicely with the natural sweetness of lobster like a chardonnay, riesling, or rose. 

Tools You Need

Besides the typical event items, you will need a few specialty items for an event that includes a lobster bake. Make sure to include lobster crackers and pickers, bowls for shells, paper towels, wet naps, plastic tablecloths, large tongs, condiment cups for butter, and large platters.

Barn rehearsal dinner - lobster bake

How Much Food to Prepare

When food is prepared in large quantities, it can seem overwhelming to plan on the right amount. 

We recommend the portions below:

Lobsters – 1 – 2 per person
Corn (unshucked) – 1 – 2 ears per person
Small Red Potatoes – 3 – 4 per person
Yellow Onions – 1 per person
Steamer Clams – 5 – 10 per person
Rolls – 1 -2 per person
Oysters – 3 – 4 per person
Pie – 1 pie per 7 – 9 people

Have a Plan for Waste

As you plan your lobster feast, plan for what you will do with waste because there will be a lot. We mentioned before in our food truck wedding post, we love the Garbage to Garden composting service. They are professional, clean, and make waste a breeze.

Whether you are local or ‘from away’, a lobster bake is such a fun meal for your event and your guests! We hope this post helps you feel more comfortable with your planning so that day-of you can focus on what matters – delicious locally harvested food and your friends and family!

Lobster cuff links

Photos taken at Haley and Ben’s May wedding. Haley and Ben welcomed their guests by throwing an authentic lobster bake for their rehearsal dinner. Photos by: Nicole Lee Photography