Weddings are expensive. But with preparation and planning you can make sure that your big day doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. You should be able to enjoy your life together after your celebration without the stress and anxiety that financial woes can cause. The best way to do this is to carefully track your budget, but there are some unexpected costs that often sneak up on people last minute. In order to avoid some of these last minute costs here are our tips:

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1. What is included in vendor fees?

Make sure that each vendor has included all of their proposed costs into your agreement. Sign off on all costs in a contract that is well negotiated. Even if the vendor is a fantastic artist and comes with great references, negotiating your contract is important. In particular, make sure all of the equipment costs, rental fees and travel etc. are included in your contract. You may hire a band for their time and services, but make sure they aren’t going to charge extra on the day of for equipment rental fees.


2. Unusual postage costs

You may fall in love with the popup square invites wrapped in ribbons, but consider the costs for shipping things that are unusual sizes or bulky and heavy. Postage for invitation, save-the-dates and thank you cards are one of the most overlooked costs of a wedding and for a large party, can be very costly. Anticipate the costs and work with your invitation designer to make sure the design is simple and post office friendly.


3. Budget for Gratuity

It is common (and expected) that you will tip the vendors that service your wedding. Any staff, designers and performers usually get a substantial tip. While the amount of tip is at your discretion, make sure you prepare your budget with this in mind so you aren’t taken off guard when the evening of your wedding comes and you are scrambling. Also prepare envelopes with tips and ask a family member or coordinator to help you manage the tipping process.