Maine wedding with Italian pastries

More and more, we are seeing dessert tables popping up at weddings at Hardy Farm, and we love them. There are so many pros to a fun dessert table. Here are just a few!

1. They are fun and interactive.

A dessert table is a fun way to let guests serve themselves. Dessert tables are interactive and engaging. What is more fun than mingling while deciding which treat to indulge yourself in?

2. They offer a variety – something for everyone.

With a dessert table, you have a selection of different delicious items. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! There are so many possibilities, and they are a great way to have something for everyone. We mostly see a mix of something chocolatey, something fruity like pies or tarts, a vanilla or caramel option, and often something else that isn’t as sweet as the others. 

You can have a beautiful statement cake on the table with a dessert table and surround it with all of your other favorite sweets. We have seen elaborate cookie tables, donut walls, beautiful holiday cookie displays, multiple pies, a candy bar, and some stunning cupcake displays. 

Chistmas cookies at Maine Winter Wedding

Maine wedding pies - dessert table Candy table - Maine wedding
Photos: Bill Marshall Photography, I am Sarah V, and Paul Robert Berman

3. They are fun extensions of your decor.

Styling a dessert table is so fun. It is a great place to personalize your day by styling your table to match the rest of your wedding decor.

Couples are making beautiful displays by staging treats at different heights, adding fresh-cut flowers, and using pretty serving platters. We just talked about feature walls and behind your dessert table is the perfect place for an eye-catching backdrop.

Photos: Matt and Ash, and Lauren Sawyer Photography

4. You can use treats as your wedding favors.

If you are at a loss for a wedding favor or not doing one – pre-packaged treats to-go at your dessert table is fun and easy to do. Guests can bring a sweet treat home with them, and you don’t have to worry that your favor will get discarded. 

Dessert tables are such a treat. They check off so many things for your special day. There are some great inspirations on Pinterest if you want to see some other examples of what you can do with a dessert table at your wedding.