One of the first things you figure out after you say ‘yes’ is a date for your wedding day.

There are so many things to consider when you choose a date. Are you looking for a particular season, looking for a garden wedding, do you want fall foliage, or a winter wedding?

Do you want a peak season date, you might need to plan over a year in advance? Looking for an off-peak season date or non-Saturday event?  You have plenty of options there too! How long do you want to be engaged? Is there a benefit for a longer engagement and spreading your payments out?

Like choosing your venue, we think choosing your date should be a romantic decision. Let your gut or feelings guide you on a perfect day for you.

Whether you are looking for a fun (or easy to remember) date, a fun holiday date, or date with special significance – there are plenty of options coming up in the next few years. Take a look at some of the fun dates we see coming up.

Long Weekends

Lots of people love the idea of a wedding on a weekend that is typically a long one. It can be great for guests who need to travel, destination weddings, and just to get lots of time with your family and friends.

Martin Luther King Day is often a three-day weekend for a lot of people. The next few years it also falls on some cute dates 1/19/19 is the Saturday of that long weekend. 1/19/20 (also adds up to 20) is the Sunday of the long weekend. Enjoy a cute easy to remember date and a bonus day off on Monday.

Veteran’s Day is another weekend many have a day off. Lots of people already consider 11/11 a lucky day and luckily it falls on a long weekend in 2019.

Columbus Day Weekend in 2020 is another good date 10/12/20. Get the benefit of the leaves changing color and a relaxing extra day to tour the area with your out of town guests.

Fun Numbers to Always Remember

Maybe you want a number you know you will be able to remember or has a nice ring to it. There are lots of fun number dates coming up in the next few years.

  • Double digits

Does it get much easier than a double digit date to remember for all your anniversaries to come? If you extend your wedding planning to include Thursday – Monday, there are LOTS of cute double digit dates coming up!

Saturdays 2/2/19, 4/4/20, 6/6/20, 8/8/20, 10/10/20 (already taken!), and 12/12/20

Sundays 3/3/19, 5/5/19, 7/7/19, and 2/2/20 (Super Bowl)

  • Fun with math

A fun way to remember your date is picking a number that adds up to your year. The next few years there are quite a few of those.

8/11/19 (8 + 11 = 19) – Sunday

6/14/20 (6 + 14 = 20) – Sunday

10/10/20 (10 + 10 = 20) – Saturday

10/11/21 (10 + 11 = 21) – Sunday

  • Palindromes

Palindromes are numbers that are the same frontwards and backwards. 9/1/19 is the Sunday of Labor Day weekend! Grab an extra day to celebrate and have a cute and special date for your day.

Keep your marriage in the honeymoon phase

A unique and fun way to keep your marriage in the honeymoon phase could be to get married on Leap Day! February 29th falls on a Saturday in 2020!

History Buffs and literary nerds

Want to add some historical or fictional significance to your day? There are some fun dates coming up that would be great to tie a wedding into.

For example, not only is 11/11/20 a double digit, it is also the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing on Plymouth Rock. Or Maine’s bicentennial is 3/15/20, a Sunday.

Harry Potter fans looking for the perfect date? The Battle of Hogwarts could be celebrated on 5/2/2020 or the first day at Hogwarts on 9/1/2020!

Choosing your date should reflect you and your fiancé, fun to choose, and makes you feel good. We loved poking around for fun upcoming dates in the next few years and we hope it helps spark some ideas for you!

Happy Planning!

Greg and Deborah