Here at Hardy Farm we are just barely beginning to see glimpses of Spring, and frankly, we’re more than ready for some fresh colors around this place! In anticipation of brighter days (which are definitely on the horizon!!) we asked Carrie of Dutch Bloemen Winkel to tell us about some of her favorite Spring blooms.

From Carrie: 

The start of every season is exciting in our shop! With piles of snow still outside and gardeners itching to dig into soil, we however are the lucky ones. To be surrounded by beautiful blooms and fragrances all day long. Sharing this with customers as they come in to grab a bouquet or a little bottle filled with a single flower is most rewarding.

Every week, and often every day, can be different here at the shop. Our designs are always fresh!

These are a few of our favorite spring blooms and creative designs we love to use them in!

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