Guests: 100

Barn, Grounds, Facilities & Lodging for 2 nights and 18 people: $6000 (check in Friday, checkout Sunday)
Rentals (tables, chairs and linens): $500
Food/drinks: $1600
Flowers: $200
Entertainment: $200
Cupcakes: $225
Photographer: $1000
Favors: $150
Total: $9,450


Local Flowers: We work with many wonderful florists, each offering a unique approach to your floral arrangements.  Check out our recommended vendor list to see all the florists we love.  To give your reception an elegant, yet rustic feel, try arranging flowers in mason jars or vases of different sizes and shapes.  This will help add dimension to your tablescapes.

diy flower arrangement

Photo: The Lovely Lens

Specialty Reception: A sit down, five-course dinner is going to cost you a pretty penny.  To cut costs and keep things casual and fun, why not hold your reception early and serve up a selection of heavy hors d’oeuvres instead?  Things like candy, cheese and fruit bars are a fun way to create a reception that reflects your tastes as a couple.  Intent on serving dinner? How about a pot-luck or BBQ style meal? One tip to ensure your guests are happy no matter what you choose:  keep them informed about the types of food that will be available before they arrive to allow them to make the proper accommodations for themselves if necessary.

bbq wedding reception

Photo: Kelly Turner Stationery

Daytime Drinks: Instead of hiring a bartender to sift and squeeze expensive drinks, pre-make large batches of popular punch cocktails like margaritas or mojitos. Choose cocktails that reflect your wedding colors. Add containers of lemonade, iced tea and water.

wedding drink station

Photo: Jessica Loren

Delightful Desserts: Make your own wedding cake and make it special by adding a few flowers.  Or decorate a cupcake tree using flower pots, vintage bowls or a tiered plate.

rustic cupcake stand

Photo: Dani Photography

Music Notes: Request music recommendations from the local college of music. Choose from classical, modern or specialty musicians at a low cost. Build your ideal wedding party playlist for your iPod before your big day or switch to a DJ to get your guests dancing.

Fun Favors: Check Pinterest for fun, personalized wedding favors. Flip-flops are always a useful gift for your guests who want to kick off their heels and dance the night away. It’s all about the presentation, so set up a beautiful table with a cheeky message for guests.  Taking us up on the BBQ wedding reception idea? These adorable mini ketchups are a perfect favor to go along with your theme.

diy bbq reception favor

Photo: Kay English


Ask Your Friends and Family: The best way to save money in large chunks is to pull in a few family favors. If you have family or friends who can DJ, take photos, bake cupcakes, ask them to contribute their skills instead of buying you a wedding gift.