Yellow roses at Hardy Farm

Deborah and Greg celebrated their 50th at Hardy Farm with their family on April 3rd. After having owned the property since 2002, then known as “Peace With-Inn,” and operating it as a B&B, they converted it to a dedicated wedding venue in 2013 after renovations to their barn the prior year. In rebranding the property to the historical family’s original name, it once again became “Hardy Farm.”

Greg and Deborah Link at Hardy Farm

Taking a cue from the horseshoe over the barn door, they adopted the slogan “Lucky in Love” for their initial marketing campaign. Every wedding they’ve hosted memorializes the wedding dates inside the barn, with each couple signing a horseshoe.

Deborah and Greg first met in college in Tucson, Arizona, and their life’s journey has taken from Arizona to California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New Jersey, before coming to Maine. They have two daughters and two grandchildren.

They plan to paint a horseshoe gold and find a place of honor for it in our barn along to display with the other signed horseshoes.

Truly “Lucky in Love.”