After a particularly difficult and LONG winter we’ve been busy improving our grounds and particularly our gardens for this year’s wedding season.  Wedding venues in Maine enjoy some of the most beautiful backdrops Mother Nature can provide. It also requires a lot of work and inspiration. We strive to highlight the natural beauty of Maine, New Hampshire, and the Mount Washington Valley.

Our gardens, continue to elicit “oohs and ahhs” from wedding guests and couples visiting the property in search of their ideal venue.        

We’d like to introduce you Sierra McLaughlin, our talented Site Manager and Gardener extraordinaire!   

Sierra has been a great addition to our staff, joining us last year and is now an integral part of the Hardy Farm team. Sierra has over 15 years’ gardening experience and has brought a loving touch, attention to detail, and whimsy to us with interesting little focal points scattered among the beautiful blooms.      

We asked Sierra several questions about her experiences and favorite things at Hardy Farm.

On being a Gardener

“I enjoy communicating with nature. This work has daily opportunities to be with lots of bees and birds and butterflies. Gardening is food for the soul!”

Maine flowers at wedding venue

About the Gardens at Hardy Farm

“Our gardens are full of flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, ancient asparagus, artichokes, and beans. We have raised beds, flower boxes, bushes, annuals, perennials, festive displays, and so much more. The property is bountiful from April through the fall and I haven’t seen that any other place.”

flower boxes at one of maine more beautiful wedding venues

What a Wedding Season looks like through the lens of the garden

“The gardens at Hardy Farm are vivid from early spring through the fall. The colors and textures change during that whole time. In early April we are often removing snow so that the daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips can come up.

In May there is another pop of color as the different varieties of peonies and irises come in – many that are perennials that have been on the property for a long time.

In June the garden gets into a harmonious relationship when we plant an abundance of annuals that add to the diverse perennials. We are so lucky to have some of the best nurseries Maine and New Hampshire have to offer and can choose the best plants for the property.

These flowers and annual additions will last throughout the fall.

There is something magical about fall though. That is when Maine’s natural beauty takes ahold of the area. We then further invest in adding seasonal displays to accent Mother Nature’s show.”

raised beds at Hardy Farm's garden

What is something special about the gardens?

“One thing that is neat is that the extensive gardens are visible from all over the property. They can be seen from every window in the house, the fields, and the tent.”

Maine Garden view towards wedding tent

Some of her favorite aspects of the gardens

“A few of my favorite things about the gardens… I kind of like the honeysuckle that comes out in mid-June on the patio arbor. It makes for beautiful photo backdrops. I also love all the ‘hidden’ succulents that are on the steps on the way to the tented area. They are a beautiful little detail that could easily be overlooked but I love to look at them.”   

succulents on wedding venue property

Advice to couples getting married at Hardy Farm

“My advice to couples getting married at Hardy Farm would be to be sure to take time to really enjoy the gardens. They are great for photos backdrops and ceremonies but especially if you are on the property for 3 or 4 days, really take the time to walk around the gardens and admire them for what they are.”

yellow and red tulips at maine wedding

From Deborah and Greg:

Considering a spring wedding date?  

We still have three weekends available next May and given the beauty of our grounds and gardens already this year, they will be a perfect backdrop to your spring wedding at Hardy Farm!  As an added incentive, we’re offering a “May Special” wherein we’ll discount your May 2020 booking by $1,000 if you book it this May! Give us a call (207) 869-5289 to set up your tour and see for yourself how your spring 2020 wedding at Hardy Farm will be perfect!  

daffodils at Hardy Farm Spring flowers in fryeburg maine spring flowers in bloom in Maine purple flowers in Spring Garden bright spring flowers in maine beautiful garden at maine wedding venue Maine flowers in bloom in the spring