About a year ago we posted engagement photos for the adorable Christie and Michael, who were married at our Farm on September 20, 2014. Today we are excited to share a few words from the bride as well as few wedding photos from that special day, taken by Danielle King Photography.

From the Bride: 

Being a young couple we didn’t have a big budget. Our focus was finding a beautiful venue, having a great photographer and creating our perfect ceremony. Everything else was little details. We did a lot ourselves. From the invitations to the décor to the food. My in laws made the boxes we used a centerpieces, my husband and I spent one night making glitter candles, we picked our own flowers the day before and we got help from friends and family. The great thing about the hardy farm is that it doesn’t need a lot of décor to make it beautiful. It just is on it’s own.
The day was filled with so much love and was everything we could have hoped for. Being able to spend the whole weekend at the venue was perfect. Being able to wake up in the morning and just take a few minutes to myself was wonderful. I think the sweetest moment was our ceremony. We strung lights around the bridge and used soft lighting for an early evening ceremony. I remember walking up the ceremony site thinking how beautiful and perfect it was. We had a cousin officiate and my grandfather help her out. It was so sweet to have it so personal with our family surrounding us.
I would say that the oxygen bar we rented was the most fun. It had many scents that people could pick from and everyone got a back rub. Everyone had a ball trying it out! I would recommend them to anyone!

The barn was by far the most impressive part of the property. Everyone was amazed at the beauty! Deborah and Greg did such a great job with the property and we just feel blessed to have been able to have our wedding there!

Our favorite vendors would definitely be the oxygen bar which was contracted through 2nd Wind Oxygen Bar Company, our photographer Danielle King and my make-up artist, Kim Begin (owner of Makeup by Kim). They were all so professional yet so much fun. I laughed so much that day and was so thankful to all of them!
The best part of planning was being able to make our wedding whatever we wanted, and the worst was being able to make it whatever we wanted! We loved so many ideas and colors but we had to pick what felt best to us. We worried about making it everything we wanted and missing something. And while we couldn’t afford everything we ever wanted, it was the best day because it was our day. I stressed too much about the little things and now realize that at the end of the day, I married the love of my life and that’s all that mattered.
My experience with Deborah and Greg was wonderful. they were always attentive and provided quick response time. I felt like they actually cared about our wedding and making it everything we wanted and not just about making money for them!