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We have written an updated Shoulder Season post, you can read that here.

In the wedding biz, “shoulder season” is the quiet time of year between November and April. Colder temperatures, holiday obligations and venue availability are a number of reasons why couples shy away from this time of year. However, here at Hardy Farm we know that these “cons” are outweighed by many overlooked “pros.”

Here are our top reasons why a “shoulder season” wedding might be the best choice for your nuptials:

  • Budget
    Hosting a celebration in the “off season” often means lower prices. From property rental fees to flowers and event rentals, many vendors offer discounts on services during the slower months.
  • Festive Themes
    Embrace the spirit of the season! Holidays like New Year’s Eve offer a sure-fire theme to invoke celebration, and Spring in New England offers plenty of budding inspiration for wedding design.
  • Time Flexibility
    While adding a wedding into the chaos of holiday season might seem crazy, think about the added vacation time guests are automatically given. You might find that friends and family will be able to escape for a wedding weekend easier when schedules are less packed in the beginning of the year.
  • Vendor Options
    Less weddings means less competition when booking your vendors. While most local vendors are great about dialing in one-on-one time with clients year round, the quieter months allow more focus on your special day and the highest likelihood of their availability for your date.

Interested in the perks of a shoulder season wedding? See one Mark & Faith’s wedding from February 2016 here. We still have availability for early 2017 dates. Inquire about booking details!