Tell us a little about your business:

I am a recent graduate of the Hallmark Institute of Photography where I found a passion for interior photography as well as many other types of photography. My business is just get off the ground, at this stage I am accepting all requests from wedding to editorial photography.

What makes your business different?

What makes my business different is the variety of things I am capable of. I can provide beautiful candid portraits as well as interior and still life style photos. I am well rounded in many forms of photography which can be attributed to my time in photography school where I was professional trained and given the chance to do it all.

Why do you like working at Hardy Farm?

Hardy Farm is a beautiful location with many areas to make incredible photos. With the intimate space of the barn I was able to use many elements and different vantage points to capture some of the best photos from that day.

Best place that people can find you (to contact you)?

My work can been seen on my website