Spring Smith Studios is one of the many amazing New England wedding vendors that will be joining us for the 2017 Summer Wedding Showcase on August 20th!

Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

I love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream so much that I served it instead of cake at my own wedding. My daughter is named after my great, great grandmother because I believe we should always be looking forward but remember where we came from. I am a fiercely loyal friend. I’ve been both Mary Poppins and Katniss for Halloween. One part sugar – one part sass. I spent 11 summers at Waukeela Camp for Girls and still find it hard to get through a meal without singing camp songs at the top of my lungs. My husband, Silas, and I went to the same high school but spoke less than 5 words to one another until years later. Silas and I got married on the coast of Maine in July of 2012 and honeymooned in Scotland. I make a MEAN eggplant parm. I was born and raised in Maine and know that the mountains and rocky coast are forever in my soul. We bought and added onto the house next door to my parents and I LOVE having them so close by. Family is everything! I live less then 10 miles from the Hardy Farm and love working so close to home! It comes in handy when you know the stunning photo spots that these back roads can take you 🙂 I have been shooting weddings since 2007 and can’t imagine my life without all the amazing couples that I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years some have become wonderful friends for life! I have a very natural, pure and romantic style of photography, I strive to make my clients feel comfortable in front of my camera so that they can be in the moment and in love and not focused on the camera pointed at them.

What makes your business different?

Your wedding day is about YOU. Its about your love and starting your lives together. Its not about timelines, its not about the dress, the flowers, the cake or even the photos. It’s about LOVE. Whether your timeline runs behind, your flowers are the wrong color or the DJ keeps getting feedback in the speakers- I always tell my couples that its not about having the perfect day its about your love and it’s about you two being a duo form this day forward. Nothing and no one are perfect but your love with all its imperfections is beautiful and that’s what your wedding day is about and that’s what I want my couples to remember- that perfect isn’t pretty but real, raw, imperfect love is beautiful and worthy of this remarkable day.

I believe in a life lived and loved to the fullest.
I believe in held tight hugs and kisses on the cheek.
I believe in ice cream year round.
I believe in a love that grows and changes but that always stands strong.
I believe in history and legacy.
I believe in photos in frames surrounding your every day life as a reminder of what cam before.
I believe in lifting others up.
I believe in smiling at every possible opportunity.
I believe in holding on tight to those who matter.
I believe in that family is everything.
I believe in a life well lived.
I believe that my soul belongs in the mountains and my heart belongs by the sea.
I believe in the beauty of quiet moments.
I believe in slowing down and breathing deep.
I believe that some traditional things never go out of style.
I believe in keeping albums and flipping through prints because being able to touch the moments is essential.

Why do you like working at Hardy Farm?

The Hardy Farm is BEAUTIFUL, so thats always a plus. The grounds, barn, tent, gardens… it’s all the most stunning backdrop for photographs. I love that it’s close to my home (less then 10 miles)! I also love that I know that any couples who pick the Hardy Farm for their wedding are going to be my type of people! Couples who want a wedding day that is beautiful, elegant with a touch of rustic charm and I are going to have a lot in common and my favorite couples are always the ones who turn into friends and by the time I show up to shoot their wedding day I’m over the moon because my FRIENDS are getting married not just my clients.

Best place that people can find you (to contact you)?

www.springsmithstudios.com // spring@springsmithstudios.com

5 Prime Weekends Available for 2018 : 4/28, 5/5, 7/14, 7/21, 11/3