Every bride knows the adage, and it’s one tradition it seems almost everyone tries to abide by, even in the most modern of weddings. These days, however, brides are more creative than ever before, which can sometimes mean throwing tradition to the wind!  In this four-part series, we’ll introduce you to some of the more creative ways we’ve seen brides incorporate each “something” to their wedding-day ensemble.

Our final installment of this four-part series is our “something blue”.  This is maybe the most fun of all of our somethings, as this is where brides get truly creative. From writing on the bottom of the brides’ shoes to sewing the wedding date in blue in her dress, we love all of the ways in which today’s bride incorporates her something blue!

something blue wedding tradition

Jessika Feltz Photography, The Knot, Christopher Norris Photographers, Elizabeth Anne Designs