Our August couples are ready to say their “I Dos” at Hardy Farm! Get to know these couples who chose Hardy Farm as their Maine Wedding Venue. We’re very excited for all of them to celebrate their big day with us. Each of their events is incredibly unique and brings guests to Hardy Farm from a variety of places. We wish them congratulations and a long life of love and happiness, and we can hardly wait to see their wedding photos!

Marisa & Daniel – August 4th, 2018

Dan & Marisa have known each other for almost two decades – they’re actually from the same hometown! Well, sort of – Dan is from Milford while Marisa is from Old Town, but same difference really ūüôā Dan thought he was very cool in high school and, as he was a senior while Marisa was a freshman, Marisa knew of him but really didn’t talk to him.

They saw each other again in 2013 at RiRa’s while they were both living in Portland. Dan & Marisa eventually started dating and bonded over their love of dogs, walking on the Portland Trails, movies, and exploring the state of Maine. Dan feels lucky to be with Marisa because life is better with her in it, and Marisa feels lucky to be with Dan because he is kind, considerate, caring, funny and she knows that he would do anything to make her happy.

Nick and Krysta – August 11th, 2018

Krysta and Nick met in 2012 as orientation leaders at MCPHS¬†University and couldn’t stop talking about the things they love – food and music. They each realized the other was an amazing human¬†and would¬†cross¬†paths a few times over the next year.¬†

It was when they returned to orientation in 2013 that they realized they might be a little more interested in spending some time together. As orientation leaders for the second time together, they had already broken the ice and plunged right into full conversation. After holding hands for the first time at a Red Sox game and kissing in the halls of MCPHS, something pretty neat began to form. 

Nick thought he might be on to something. Mt. Washington, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 and one of the tougher hikes in New England seemed to be a perfect target. He spoke with a few of his groomsmen and family members about his plan as the details came together. Krysta was excited for this trip as it would be a huge accomplishment in their training and would be a good weekend getaway. Little did she know, it would be the most challenging but rewarding thing in their relationship yet! 

Shawna and Michael – August 18th, 2018

Michael and Shawna met in 2009 after he and her brother had been out drinking one night. The next morning, Shawna made a joke at Michael’s expense, at which point Michael told her brother that one day he would marry her. A few months later, the two began dating. As they say, the rest is history.¬†Michael and Shawna were engaged on what started as a rainy day on the beautiful¬†island¬†of¬†San Pedro,¬†Belize. When the rain finally cleared, Michael proposed at the end of a dock with a private photographer hiding nearby to capture the sweet moment.¬†

Courtney and Alex – August 25th, 2018

Alex was a master planner and spent a silly amount of time planning the proposal. He went back and forth between ring shops and finally had a ring made for her. When he got the ring it was gorgeous but because he was indecisive he almost brought it back and switched for another one!

It was a typical Saturday morning walk with friends before their annual Halloween Party.

As they got closer to the orchard he took her hand and quietly edged ahead of the group. The others fell silently back giving them their space. Alex was desperate for her to see the sign so he could give his speech he recited in his head 100 times that day. Finally, she saw her name, read the sign, and stopped dead in her tracks. He walked her over into the orchard and dropped to one knee. He barely mumbled will you marry before she jumped on the chance to say yes. He popped some bottles of champagne, took some pictures, and it was off to brunch.