Maine Barn Wedding

Planning a barn wedding can be exciting! Let your creative ideas start to run and then start narrowing down what your dream wedding will look and feel like, for you, your family and your guests.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the difficult waters of rustic wedding venues.

Choose a theme.

Are you going Rustic Chic or Casual Adventurous? A barn location can be dressed up or dressed down and small details can be added to set the mood particular to your venue and theme. Keep in mind what you and your partner want the overall experience to be. Do you want to have a rowdy party or have an intimate family friendly gathering? These are the first things to consider before beginning the planning part of your preparations.


Take a tour before you start planning.

Do a site walk through with your planner before making any decisions. You will want to brainstorm ideas specific to the property layout and locations. Figure out where you want the major areas such as ceremony, reception, parking, staging for rentals and catering set up. Deb and Greg will have recommendations for space and decor, but each wedding is completely unique and we will help tailor fit the property to match your ideal wedding. Consider major hubs like where you can access water and electrical, and plan accordingly.  Before any design happens you will want to consider what type of indoor and outdoor lighting is available, heating and cooling, and other details.

Plan out your basic needs.

We have the infrastructure for everything you will need to make your wedding flow smoothly. But each individual wedding has specific needs. Before focusing on the design and final details, make sure you have the basics in place. Line up rentals to make sure you have the infrastructure you need. We will help you find rentals for any additional bathrooms, generators, tents, tables, chairs, lighting and heaters or fans depending on the anticipated weather.

Light it up

Our barn is beautiful at night. The property, when it is lit up creates an ideal rustic wonderland. In order to show off the property and create space for your guests to enjoy the evening of dancing, food and libations plan ahead for how you’d like to light each space. Light is more important than you may think as guests will be traveling around the property and you want to avoid any safety hazards by lighting pathways and seating areas. Twinkling lights and lanterns will create a soft ambiance, where brighter lights will create more functional outdoor space.

Make it your own.

Start decorating and let your creativity shine. The little details are what make your wedding memorable. Not just for your guests, but for you. Explore decor that speaks to your style and personalize your wedding. Use family pictures, and tie in details of your relationship that will tell your story as a couple. Focus on one aspect your vision and then add your own unique spin. Start with the basic decor items like table linens, which are a great way to bring color, texture or pattern – then add your tableware.  You can go simple or spice it up with mason jar glasses or chargers.  Next, add flowers for a pop of color and make a huge impact. Stage vintage furniture and personalized items throughout the property to create a homey feel that is unique to you as a couple.