Bright fluid colors in wedding trends

We recently attended a webinar from our friends at WeddingWire and we are excited about the trends they are predicting for 2019 and 2020!

Millennials have been credited with breaking a lot of trends and we are starting to see their influence in the wedding industry as more and more of them are getting married.

Couples now want their weddings to be personalized and more about them and their uniqueness. They are looking to really connect with their family and friends and prioritizing their guest’s needs and want to make sure they have a good time.

Wedding Weekends

Couples are shying away from renting ballrooms for a few hours and looking to host wedding weekends where they can not be rushed and really connect with their guests. They want to spend the whole weekend in one place and are turning their wedding into three-day events.

More and more are investing in welcome receptions, post-wedding events, day-after brunches, activities, outings and more. They are looking for on-site lodging and a place to relax.

We have definitely seen that over the past few years and more people are looking to reserve Hardy Farm for the weekend and not just a day and to also get lodging at the house and lodge for the family and wedding party.

Making it About the Guests

The guest is number one right now. Today’s couples want their guests to feel included, to be a part of the ceremony, and to have more experiences. They are willing to spend more on experiences for their guests and care more about what the guests think over anything else.

As ceremonies get shorter, they are also getting more inclusive and more dynamic with more guest participation and readings.

Receptions have been chock-full of yard games, dynamic photobooths, interactive stations and more to make sure guests are entertained and spend more time at the reception enjoying their night with the bride and groom.

cornhole wedding set

Earthy Elements

Being in Maine we know we are biased but we love hearing that more earthy elements are being incorporated in decorations, furniture details, favors, and other aspects of the wedding day.

Greenery and beautiful botanicals are apparently in and not going away anytime soon.

Floral installations and structure are in with flowers acting more like sculptures than the hanging flowers we had seen in the past.

Neutral, earthy elements like rattan accents and pampas grass are making their way into more wedding decor because they can be mixed and matched with other textures and colors for a unique look.

Earthy elements at wedding

Food as Art, Decor, and with Options

No more chicken or beef. Today’s couple wants lots of food options for their guests since they are aware of food allergies, dietary restrictions, and varying tastes.

Instead of one plate fits all, they are creating food stations, sushi boats, grazing tables, hosting food trucks, BBQ style servings etc.

With beautiful interactive food stations and grazing tables, the food becomes part of the decor for the day. As weddings get more casual, these unique food service options become a good way to bring people together at the events.

Grazing table at wedding

Millennials Breaking Trends

Millennials want to keep making their own trends. They want dessert other than a wedding cake, they are cutting out the bouquet toss and garter toss, the organized exit, and assigned seating.

Instead, they are offering different kinds of entertainment, multiple kinds of music throughout the events, interactive experiences, nooks for more huddles and private conversations etc. Some are incorporating cigar bars, espresso stations, and other places to create places for guests to step away from the busy reception and have conversations and connect with other guests.

whoopie pie station at weddings

Decor Trends

  Apparently copper is going to keep making its way into more and more events and rose gold will start to sunset.

 – Color schemes are less rigid and more fluid and vibrant colors are coming back.

 – Lightboxes and neon signs are replacing chalkboards

 – Sustainability in wedding decor and favors is a major consideration for couples. Many are creating favors the guests can use, cook with, plant in a garden, or eat versus trinkets that may not be used.

 – Moody fall/winter color palette is coming in including dark wedding cakes that are given pops of color with flowers and decoration.

  Color palettes, decor, bridesmaid dresses, groomsman’s suits are all becoming more fluid with lots of mixing and matching.

Copper table settings at weddings

Maple syrup wedding favors


We know every couple is unique and they want to personalize their big day. We love these trends WeddingWire is predicting and can’t wait for the 2019 and 2020 weddings to see more of these trends incorporated into our couple’s special day!