Happy Valentine’s Day! At Hardy Farm, love is in the air every day!

We took to social media this week to do a countdown to Valentine’s Day. It is one of our favorite holidays!

We asked our audience to share with us their engagement stories and we got some touching stories and memories. We have included two of our favorites below.

Engagement Story – Jackie and Evan

In August of 2017, Evan and Jackie set out for a picnic at one of their favorite places – Castle Island in Boston, MA. They prepped all of their food, picked the perfect spot overlooking the water on the top of the hill, and laid down their blanket.

Before they were even able to sit down and enjoy their picnic, Evan got down on one knee. Jackie was totally surprised and with tears in her eyes… she said “yes”!

Immediately after, Evan told Jackie to look to her right. Their friend Mark was photographing the whole thing… in disguise! Jackie and Evan’s first date was on a double date with Mark and his wife. Jackie laughed seeing their good friend in a wig, hat, and sunglasses.

Both were way too excited after the proposal to even enjoy their picnic so they packed it all back up and went to Jackie’s parent’s house to share the wonderful news. Her dad already knew since Evan had asked permissions, but they loved sharing their story with their family. They spent the rest of the evening making phone calls to spread the good news, shedding tears, and toasting with champagne and beers. 

Now they are nearing the end of their engagement and are looking forward to becoming husband and wife at Hardy Farm this October! They are excited to share a long weekend with their family and friends as they start this next chapter!

We can’t wait to host and celebrate them this Fall!

Picnic proposal in Massachusetts

Engagement Story – Emma and Matt

Matt and Emma met working at a LensCrafters in the Bangor Mall. They knew each other for two years before they started dating.

Emma’s favorite day of the year is Christmas Eve, Matt decided that would be the perfect day to propose. Emma is also Type A and hard to keep secrets from and surprise! At church on Christmas Eve, she even leaned over and told him she thought he was going to propose that night. He lied and told her she was wrong.

They went to Emma’s parent’s house after church to open gifts and take family photos. Matt and Emma stood in front of the family Christmas tree to take a photo. Emma’s mom pretended to have trouble taking a photo of them with her phone. Emma went to go help her mom and when she turned back to Matt, he was on one knee in front of the tree. “It was perfect with the Christmas magic and my family there,” Emma said. 

Emma and Matt got married at Hardy Farm in September of 2017. You can read more about their engagement and wedding over at Real Maine Weddings.

Emma and Matt Hardy Farm wedding

Photos: Lex Nelson Photography