For family friendly weddings it is worth mentioning that North Conway is a destination for families with a variety of entertainment options for children. Storyland is a well-known attraction for kids of all ages.

The main theme of the park is based on the stories and fables we are all familiar with from childhood.  Many of the attractions are based on children’s books such as the old women in the shoe, the three bears house, Alice’s tea cups, and Cinderella’s pumpkin.  There are rides specifically designed for very young children,  middle aged youngsters and pre-teens. They also have a variety of fun rides such as the “Turtle twirl” or “Whirling Whale’s” that are perfect for anyone who loves to go to amusement parks.

The prices are reasonable and it is a great way to spend an entire day with your family. There are plenty of places to eat and the park is handicap accessible.  They also have rooms dedicated for resting and nursing being equipped with changing tables and rocking chairs for mothers with nursing infants.

The park is a great place to visit on a hot day to keep cool.  They have a water ride called the “Bamboo Chutes” along with “Dr. Geyser’s Remarkable River Raft Ride.”  Perfect for the day before or after a hot summer wedding.

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