Most traditional bridal bouquets are filled with colored flowers to match the wedding decor. Some brides and florists are taking a new approach and going beyond the traditional limits of design. Here are four of our favorite trends in bouquets.

1. Brooch Bouquets

For DIY brides looking for an easy to make bouquet that does not require water you can make and use jewelry flowers, book page flowers or fabric flowers for an unconventional and elegant look.

maine barn wedding



2. Wildflower Bouquet

Build your own bouquet from the flowers found near and around Hardy Farm. A wildflower bouquet often has a wider variety of types, colors, and textures of cultivated wildflowers―such as blue mountain thistle, miniature dianthus, heather, sedum, lisianthus, celosia, and whatever else you can find―grouped together to appear randomly picked and gathered. Perfect for a casual affair, the bouquets are often wrapped with patterned or plaid ribbon.

maine barn wedding


3. Succulent Bouquet

Succulents are are available year round, so they are great for a winter wedding or summer wedding with less prep than a regular bouquet. They are also eco-friendly and can be replanted after the wedding. Bouquets and arrangements can be made from several types of succulents or you can simply select your favorite and mix it with other pretty blooms as you’ll see below in my favorite picks.


maine barn wedding