Serving a full 5 course meal for all of your guests may not be in your budget. There are dozens of other options to host a reception that is unforgettable. One that will reflect the style of you and your partner without breaking the bank. One of the recent trends in small scale receptions are dessert buffets.

Treat your guests to something sweet and fun with one of these popular buffets. And don’t forget it’s all in the presentation of the buffet. Borrow interesting bowls, vases and containers to create a gorgeous display table. Flea markets and yard sales are always a great place to find these are they are great to have around after the party, to use at home.


Choose a single dessert and do it well

This is where you can get creative. Weddings aren’t just for cakes anymore. Choose a variety of pies, cupcakes, candy or ice cream to show off your personality. If you are creating a rustic themed wedding, use pies, create whimsy with cupcakes or candy. Vintage weddings will shine with a variety of nostalgic penny candies from your childhood. Whatever you choose, make sure you do it well. If you are making these yourself or having a friend make them, work out the recipes 3-4 times in advance to make sure you will perfect it on your big day.



Give it flavor!

Try to choose desserts and candy that bring out flavors people have never tasted before. Beyond the simple pies (blueberry, chocolate cream, apple) choose something a little out of the ordinary like a shoefly, sweet potato or grasshopper pie. Cupcakes can get really creative and explore some sweet and savory flavors like bacon caramel, pink champagne or root beer float. Candy buffets should include all the staples and one or two of the outrageous candies we all remember as kids like push pops, gushers and bubble tape.



Use your colors

Use your wedding colors as a general guide, but dont’ be afraid to mix it up and add some bright and colorful accents that bring out the fun in your wedding. If your colors are more neutral, add one or two platters of bright pink cupcakes, or bright blue M&M’s to add a pop. Use your decor, linens, table tags and platters to add more color and dimension.