Lauren Rachel Custom Invitation_Maine Wedding Showcase

[Photo, Right: Focus Photography]

Lauren Meyers, of Lauren Rachel | Custom Invitation and Day-of Material Design, will be one of the lovely vendors at this summer’s Maine Wedding Showcase on July 31st.

Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

Lauren Rachel is a custom wedding invitation and day-of material design studio based on the lovely Portland, Maine coastline. Specializing in beautiful unique designs and exceptional production of wedding stationery and day-of-materials.

What makes your business different?

I treat each client as if were are designing a piece of artwork special to them. When I design custom invitations and day of materials each client gets something special, no two designs are alike.

Why do you like working at Hardy Farm?

I have not had the opportunity to work with a couple booked at Hardy Farm but I look forward to working with some of the couples that are booking with Hardy Farm in the future.

Best place that people can find you (to contact you)?

My website is the best place to contact me: You can also reach me via my email:

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