Venas Fizz House_Maine Wedding Showcase

Get to know the cocktail pros at Vena’s Fizz House, they will be joining us for the Maine Wedding Showcase here at Hardy Farm on July 31st.

Tell us a little bit about you & your business.

Vena’s Fizz House was born out of an idea – to create a place that anybody, no matter their age, can come have a drink, socialize, and enjoy the best drinks money can buy. Several things have changed over the years. Now we also offer cocktails in the evenings, and a vintage inspired food menu all week long. We’ve stayed close to our roots, though – each drink is a testament to how we’ve always done things; ingenious combinations of ingredients, expertly prepared by our mixologists.

What makes your business different?

In an era of high fructose syrup, and poly-benzo-bombs, we mix beverages with only the highest quality ingredients. Using as many local and organic products as we can find, we muddle, swirl, and shake to bring the art of the mixed drink to each beverage – whether it’s one of our handmade, original sodas, a handcrafted mocktail, or a classic cocktail with our own twist. Our retail shop downstairs equips you with the supplies and ingredients to do it at home.

Why do you like working at Hardy Farm?

This will be our first time working with Hardy Farm and we couldn’t be more excited! We love to partner with people and businesses who strive for excellence and it’s very easy to see that Hardy Farm has a level of commitment to its guests that people talk about long after their event. We can’t wait to be a part of that tradition and look forward to the showcase!   

Best place that people can find you (to contact you)?

Our shop is located at:
345 Fore Street
Portland, ME 04101

Event Inquiries:
Other Inquiries:


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