Kirsten and Stefan recently visited the farm ahead of their July 2018 wedding at Hardy Farm. We were blown away by their story of how they fell in love. We wanted to share their story before their big day! 

It all started with a semester abroad and a pub crawl in Stockholm

“Being of Norwegian and Swedish descent, I’ve always been interested in Scandinavian culture and longed to travel there. During my final semester of college, I had the opportunity to take a Nordic politics course. The course culminated with a trip to Reykjavik, Oslo, and Stockholm in the spring of 2012. In Stockholm, my group stayed at a hostel next to a cozy little bar” – Kirsten

“An ordinary Thursday evening in May 2012, some friends and I went out for a spontaneous beer. A beer turned into a pub crawl through all the hole-in-the-wall bars in the area. One bar was empty with the exception of us and a group of annoyingly loud Americans, playing the drinking game Thumper. Some kind of intervention was obviously required.” – Stefan

“While we were in the middle of our game, the bartender came over with free drinks for all the girls in my group and explained that they were from one of the guys at the other table. When we smiled and waved a thank you, a few of them walked over.” – Kirsten

“I had told the bartender to tell the girls that the drinks were actually from my friend. I had a good time watching his puzzled expression when all of a sudden a couple of girls at the American table started waving at him. He and a couple others considered it an invite and walked over. A few minutes later, both groups were mingling and as it turned out, the Americans weren’t so bad after all.” – Stefan

Now they call Stockholm home together and travel whenever they can

“I fell in love with Stockholm and decided to seek a job and move there after that summer. Stefan and I didn’t start dating until a year later but have been inseparable since. From skiing in the Alps to visiting his family in Singapore, we seize every opportunity we can to travel together. We visit my family in the US a couple times a year, and always spend a few summer days at my Nana & Papa’s in the Conway area. Getting married at Hardy Farm, just 15 minutes away from their house, is the most idyllic, beautiful spot for our big day. Our July 2018 wedding will be a fun mixture of both American and Swedish traditions. We can’t wait!” – Kirsten

-Stefan & Kirsten July 2018