With Fall quickly wrapping up, we can hardly believe Thanksgiving is in just a few short days.  As we’ve been planning our own family celebration to be held here at our Maine Farm to be held in the barn, we’ve been thinking that this holiday might just be the perfect time for an intimate celebration of marriage! The pros of a turkey-day wedding? Most people have Friday off, you most likely have plans to get together with family already in place as part of your Thanksgiving tradition, and the menu has already been planned for you! As for the cons, we can’t think of any besides that we wish we’d thought of this idea sooner!  Check out our Thanksgiving wedding ideas below and tell us: would you like to attend or a Thanksgiving wedding? Would you get married on Thanksgiving?

thanksgiving wedding reception

Photos: Tec PetajaSiegel Thurston,Tec Petaja, EtsySiegel Thurston