Hardy Farm Reopen

None of us ever thought 2020 would be like this. It has been a very long Spring. With the Governor’s latest update on her reopening plan, we can now say we are open for 2020. This year will look very different.

Below is a list of updates and precautions we are taking. We will continue to add to this list as we cautiously progress into the 2020 and 2021 weddings season.

  – At this time the state of Maine limits us to a maximum gathering limit for outdoor and tent events of 100 people and 50 people for indoor (barn) dinners.  Although we can have 50 people inside the barn for dinners under restaurant guidelines, for other indoor events, we are limited to 25 guests. Until this restriction is lifted, we have “limited availability” this September, October, and November this year. 

  – There is no quarantine or negative testing requirement currently for out of state residents from New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

  –  14 day quarantine remains in effect for others unless they utilize the testing waiver, obtain and can provide evidence of a negative test within 72 hours of arriving in the state, and complete a compliance document of same. You can find more information on testing and documents needed on the state’s Keep Maine Healthy website.

  –  Because your group will be utilizing Hardy Farm exclusively, as a requirement of all lodging establishments we will also need to collect a copy of those certificates for your planned out of state overnight guests who are not New Hampshire or Vermont residents PRIOR TO THEIR ARRIVAL.

NOTE:  Non-Maine Residents who are not staying overnight on site or in Maine, but are staying overnight in nearby North Conway New Hampshire, are not subject to the 14 day quarantine or negative testing requirement.  Instead they upon check in they must attest to a series of questions confirming they are not sick themselves, they have not been exposed to anyone known to have the virus, they have not traveled internationally or to known “hot spots”, and that they have worn face covering in public, maintained social distancing, and have essentially self-quarantined for 14 days prior to arrival in New Hampshire.

  –  We will work with couples and caterers to accommodate social distancing requirements and are utilizing heightened cleaning protocols as well as providing hand sanitizer and disinfectant towelettes.

  –  While we strongly encourage use of masks, and require them of our staff and vendors, we will defer to the couple regarding this provision with their guests.

–  You are required to maintain contact information for ALL guests attending your event for contact tracing purposes should that be needed. This shouldn’t pose a problem as presumably you will have a guest list already completed.

  –  We will require a “check-in” of each guest attending your event with our Event Manager who will be on site. At that check-in she will verify that we have contact information for each guest and she will also take each adult guests’ temperature upon arrival utilizing an infrared non-touch thermometer. Individuals with abnormal temperatures will not be admitted to the event and will be referred for medical attention.

Post last updated: June 21,2020

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Photo credit: Jamie Mercurio Photography