Our hearts go out to so many of you. We know this is hard on couples planning their upcoming wedding. We don’t want to let this take away from your excitement about your day. We know you are looking for answers on what to do next and how to plan. We reached out to a few wedding planners we admire and asked them for what advice they are giving their couples. We hope some of these tips help!


Paula Cano – A Family Affair


While what is happening in our world is uncomfortable, unsettling and is creating lots of disappointment and frustration; you have the opportunity to choose to respond in a way that supports your growth as a couple, with family dynamics in mind and what is ultimately best for you. 

I have been recommending that financially and emotionally speaking it is always best to postpone. Many of our couples are in the final stages of planning. Continued wedding planning during an already stressful time can lead to compromised immune systems which is the last thing we need. We’re all in survival mode right now; your investment in your wedding day, like your health, should be protected. 

The date, the time, the venue and the guest count can change, but the heart and the story you as a couple will always remain untouched because you are the story. No matter what changes occur, your original stunning wedding WILL morph into another stunning wedding and will be remembered for years and years to come. 

The vendor community has never been stronger than right now, and many of the vendor teams we have in place are doing everything they can to help the many families impacted by this pandemic. In the end, the decision is yours and not one that will come to you easily or without covering every angle; review your contracts, get help from a professional and rest in the knowledge that you’re not alone. 


Woodland chapel in the Maine woods at dawnPhoto: Paul Robert Berman Photography

Wendy Caron – Dragonfly Wedding Services


I am suggesting to my couple to take one day at a time. Stay healthy and let’s see what happens. Many weddings have rescheduled. Everyone needs to stay strong and positive. If they do feel strongly with postponing to their date for later in 2020 or 2021 I’m suggesting to do that at this time.

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Emily Hricko – Emily Elizabeth Events


In talking to other vendors, the policy that most are adopting is that clients can postpone/reschedule for a date on which the vendor is available. This means there will probably be a fair number of Friday, Sunday, and even midweek weddings this fall, winter, and next year. I recommend that couples send a Doodle poll out to their entire team with a list of potential dates for rescheduling so that they can tease out the date that works best for the majority of the team. 

It may mean losing a few deposits if not everyone is available for the same date, but having a non-Saturday wedding should help minimize this. My heart goes out to everyone right now, vendors and couples alike!

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Nicole Mower – Nicole Mower Weddings and Events


The most important thing I think I am telling couples right now is to stay calm, communicate with their vendors, and know that their wedding day isn’t defined by the calendar date. 

Every couple’s wedding situation is unique and there are a lot of details to take into consideration if they are thinking of postponing their wedding. A few things to keep in mind are the original wedding date (most early 2020 dates are postponing), guest count, immunocompromised or elderly guests, and the locations where guests are traveling from. Making sure they are gathering information from trusted news sources like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control is helpful so they can have accurate information while making decisions. 

If couples are considering postponing their wedding, I recommend finding a date that works with most of their vendors in order to keep their vendor team intact. To do this seamlessly, I recommend putting together a Google Sheet. List the vendors at the top and dates options (check with close family and wedding party for availability first) on the left (PRO TIP: make sure to include Thursday, Fridays, and Sundays as the likelihood your vendors are available will be higher). Even if you think you don’t want a Thursday option, write it in! If you find out that all of your vendors are available on a perfect September Thursday, you can make a weekend out of and hopefully save money by not losing out on deposits! Then send the spreadsheet to your vendors and ask that they put a Y for the dates they are available. It’s so easy and you’ll be able to see which dates work the best in order for you to not lose out on deposits and to keep the vendors you love so much.

Communication is key during this process. Vendors have their clients’ best interests at heart and we are walking side by side with you navigating this situation. 

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Megan Marsh – Pencil Events


“I think the most important thing is that there are no right or wrong ways to respond—there are no right or wrong ways to strategize, hedge, plan—there are definitely no right or wrong ways to feel. You and your partner might even feel differently. That is okay. But it is likely that the pandemic is serving a kind of distilling function—what matters, truly, will clarify. This could come with its own emotions too. Fear? Relief? Disappointment? Feel all of these things. 

And if you are working with a planner, definitely be sure to talk through all your thoughts and feelings. It can definitely help the conversation to have a grounding force who knows the situation in Maine and can help you check any assumptions you might be making as you strategize. 

If you are not working with a planner, it might be valuable to connect with one even in a consultative capacity. Most of us offer consultative services and want to help families figure all this out! And that brings me to the second important thing: the Maine wedding industry is quite collaborative, extremely innovative, and famously nimble. Don’t be afraid to consider a reinvention. We’re here, we’re rugged, and we’re up for it!” 

We hope you find some of these helpful. Be well. Take care. Reach out to us if we can be of assistance.

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