The question about what chairs to use for your ceremony and reception is probably one that you never thought you’d ask, let alone care about.  Nevertheless at some point you will care.  The truth is, what seating options you choose can either tie together your entire theme, or stick out like a sore thumb.  We’ve put together some seating options whether you’re looking for traditional or alternative seating for your rustic Maine wedding.

Folding Chairs

folding chair options

Photos: Perez Photography, Element Photography, Ever Whim Photographs

Ballroom Chairs

ballroom chair option wedding

Emily Steffen Photography, altmix photography, jen huang photography

Not Your Average Chairs

fun chairs for rustic wedding

Kate Osborne Photography,Katie Stoops Photography & Adam Barnes Photography, Docuvitae

Benches and other Chair Alternatives

chair alternatives for wedding

Photos: Jonathan Ong Photography, Elizabeth Messina Photography, feather and stone photography