Tonjia and Paul spent the months before their wedding carefully collecting second hand pieces – finding everything from lace doilies to the dishes they ate off of that day.  The result was a vintage themed wedding that was as romantic as it was casual and fun for the whole family.

From the Bride:

Paul and I were both previously married, making this a second marriage for both of us. I have three children from my first marriage and Paul has two.  We met through on July 18. 2010.  We chose Hardy Farm because we both had family from away who would need lodging and plenty of activities to do during the weekend. Being able to wed, take pictures, have a reception and vacation in the same place was perfect!

Because we have so many kids between us, we wanted the wedding to be super kid friendly. We wanted our children to feel like it was their wedding as well as ours.  We had games set up on the grass like sack races, washers and ladder ball. We also set up an “I spy” scavenger hunt, which the kids had a blast doing.  All-in-all Hardy Farm was a perfect spot, and had plenty of room for everything we needed and wanted.

As for the decor, Paul and I both have a great appreciation for the beauty of old things, and things we can restore. Antiques and old china are right up our alley. We explored flea markets and consignment stores to put together a collection of mismatched vintage china. All of the wooden signs you see in the pictures were done by us using found pieces of driftwood, stencils and paint.

After the wedding we donated the china as well as the utensils and glassware (which we bought new from Target) to the Wish Project in Lowell, Maine. They partner with another organization we support called House for Hope which takes in homeless families that have recently lost their residence, and is establishing themselves for the future.  They come with little or no belongings, and the Wish Project provides them with the essentials they need for a new home (dishes, utensils, pots and pans, etc.).  It was really important to us that anything we spent money on somehow went back into the community, and wasn’t harmful to the environment.

We here at Hardy Farm would like to wish Tonjia and Paul and happy and healthy life together with their new found family.  Thanks to Tim Nickerson at Deep Sun Photography for the amazing photos from the day.


hardy farm maine wedding venue

hardy farm maine wedding

hardy farm maine barn wedding venue

hardy farm maine barn wedding venue


hardy farm maine wedding


hardy farm maine wedding venue

hardy-farm-maine-wedding-groomfamphoto hardy farm maine wedding photo







hardy farm maine wedding venue

maine barn wedding venue

hardy farm maine wedding venue

hardy farm barn wedding venue maine

hardy farm maine barn wedding venue


hardy farm maine barn wedding